Whats on 4 Voting closes tomorrow, we really do need your votes.

On 24th March Little Movers stopped all community classes and I can honestly say I was totally devastated.
Little Movers is not just my job it’s something I love and back in March I really did think we were in trouble!
Within 3 days of stopping our classes Little Movers UK were offering Free online classes to families across the UK.
Our team quickly followed and within days we were reaching all of our families and children were enjoying Little Movers from home. We continued working on line for months determined to help the little ones during this tough time.
We were then given the go ahead to teach small groups of 5 children, some might ask was this financially worth it? We didn’t think of the money we thought about the children, they had been in lock down for months and we felt our children would benefit from seeing each other.
We introduced small classes which were enjoyed by as many children as we could reach!
Later came the announcement to increase class sizes to 30 people outdoors, we could have taugh 30 children but we wanted our parents and carers back with us too!
These outdoor classes have just been amazing for the team and our families.Every outdoor class we are running is SOLD OUT!

Our team didn’t get small during this difficult time we have expanded! We have new franchisees and many of our franchisees have used this time to look at expanding their business so have taken on staff!

All of our franchisees share my passion for Little Movers.
They all deserve your VOTE!
We have learned so much during the last few months and I am extremely proud of the team, the families and the children.
The most important thing I have learned is Little Movers is special we don’t need any props and nothing will stop us.
Our team have the skills to work with your children to encourage them to dance and play using their body and their imagination.
The team truly deserve this award, they have remained strong, displayed resilience and responded quickly to every change we have introduced.

So please spare a minute and vote for Little Movers

Most Loved Dance and Performing Arts Activity 2020, 6-20 class leaders!
It really would mean the world to us all

Thank you