Our Classes

Little movers is an award winning, exciting dance and movement programme for children under school age.

Our classes and events are enjoyed by everyone with babies coming along from birth and our oldest little mover is 103!

‘You’re never too young to dance and you’re never too old to play’

We provide tailor made programmes for many organisations along with our own classes.

Our programme includes:

  • Baby Movers, suitable from birth to crawling
  • Little Movers, suitable from walking to 5 years
  • Little Tutus, from walking to 5 years
  • Early Years PE., great fun for Nursery to Year 1
  • After School, Holiday and Breakfast Clubs, these clubs can be adapted to engage Nursery to years 6
  • Intergeneration Classes, Birth to the grand old age of 103!
  • Events and Parties, we host fantastic events throughout the year and would always be honoured to help you host an amazing Little Movers Birthday Party.(find out more to events and parties page)

Baby Movers

Suitable from birth to crawling

Relaxed and friendly classes where babies and adults socialise and meet new friends. We sing, dance and play and have lots of fun and laughter.

There are so many benefits to coming along to Baby Movers which includes;

  • Baby will get a little workout which will help with sleeping
  • It’s great fun so both Mum and Baby will feel happy!
  • We help develop strong bones and muscles

We provide a great opportunity to develop social skills and make new friends.

‘The best friends are made at a baby class'’

Little Movers

Suitable from walking to 5 years

Exciting, fun action packed classes! Both adult and child will have an amazing time. We sing, play games, use colourful props and toys and we get that imagination going to go on some amazing adventures!

Families will enjoy creating some fantastic memories, our unique programme includes searching for bears, sailing at sea, clowning around and lots more!

We are experts at engaging both adult and child and our classes are designed to support families to work together.

Our class leaders will encourage every child to help them to have fun, feel confident and develop new skills which will help them when they start school.

Benefits include:

  • Socialising and playing with other children
  • Spending quality time with your own child
  • Helps to develop connection between different parts of the brain
  • An opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills

Classes are always in demand and places sell out every half term so be quick to Book

‘Little Movers is my favourite part of the week. I don’t work on a Monday so I can attend Little Movers with my child’

Little TuTus

Suitable from walking to 5 years

The Little Tutus classes are a great introduction to ballet, we sing, dance and of course point our toes.

At Little Tutus we do enjoy all of the Little Movers fun but the class is gentle and calm. Themes are used to encourage little ones to use their imagination but the main focus of the class is to introduce little ones to ballet.

Little ones will learn to follow instructions and gain a sense of discipline through learning new positions and steps

Little Movers Move on Up, After School, Breakfast Clubs and Holiday Clubs

These classes are for little ones who are ready to attend class without their adults.

The classes and events are a safe place for your child to have great fun!

The main focus is dance and physical activity and we will creative opportunities for your child to develop and learn through play.

Workshops can include, drama, dance, singing, craft activities, performances to parents. No two workshops are the same!

Early Years P.E.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with the Early Years!

Little Movers work in partnership with School Sports Partnerships, nurseries and hundreds of schools to encourage children to enjoy PE from an early age, this has a positive impact on their attitude towards PE throughout their school life.

We provide weekly PE classes, host school sports days and organise outstanding dance festivals bringing schools and communities together!

The sessions are non-stop and action packed with games, songs, themes and props and we create some great dance routines.

Lots of children enjoy our classes, so much so, they sign up to join local dance schools which results in an active, healthy child!

Our school work is outstanding with many schools booking our workshops long term. We are proud to say we have been working in some schools for 13 years!


Inter-Generation Workshops

Our intergeneration classes are truly magical.

Schools, nurseries and communities visit nursing homes and our unique programme engages all generation’s encouraging everyone to sing, dance and play together. 

The benefits for everyone include


  • Social awareness for communicating with older people
  • Positive attitudes toward aging and the elderly
  • Mentoring and positive role models
  • Give the child and the older adult a sense of purpose
  • Help reduce the likelihood of depression in the elderly

If you would like more information about Little Movers bringing tome fun to your Nursing Home or you are interested in attending a Nursing Home class with your child or school; setting please get in touch


‘This has been the most amazing day, I simply don’t want it to end’ Mary aged 97