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Would you like to run your own highly profitable and Exciting Pre-school Dance and Movement classes?

If the answer is ‘YES’ then we have an exclusive opportunity for you to start a Little Movers business in your local area with the potential to earn a Significant Income.

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We provide you with all of the support you need to run your own successful Little Movers Business

‘Melanie at head office observes, she offers advice and she watches over your business with keen interest. She has been a steady rock throughout!

Katie Rosedale

The Package

  • Credibility and use of the Little Movers brand and logo that is recognised by both adults and children; it’s fun and stands out.
  • Confidence you are working with a proven business formula
  • Exclusive territory
  • The right to run an unlimited number of classes and events in your area.
  • Initial and ongoing training in both class content and how to run a successful business.
  • Continuous Support
  • Run the business from home either full or part-time
  • Central website
  • Comprehensive start up package which includes systems and processes to run the business
  • Comprehensive, unique lesson plans
  • Little Movers Music
  • Merchandise, includes, T-shirts, Hoodies, Leotards, stickers, colouring sheets
  • A library of poster, flyer, logo images and advertisements
  • A badge reward scheme
  • Online Booking System
  • Little Movers Facebook page and Website
  • Little Movers branded kit bag and props

Little Movers has a Unique Brand, with its own professionally commissioned logo, branding and music, resulting in a product that will provide you with everything you need to run your own successful Little Movers business.

Our Mission Statement

To celebrate every child and give them their opportunity to shine in whatever way that may be! Our core value is ‘Every Child matters, this ensures that Little Movers is enjoyed and accessible to all children.

We are looking for the right individuals to join our team. The Little Movers franchise will give you the potential to earn a significant income in your local area. Franchisees are generating income in excess of £9000 per month, employing staff to join their team and reaching hundreds of families every week! You will have a successful business that you could later sell.

We will provide you with support to build a successful business within your chosen territory. You will receive full initial and ongoing training, marketing and central website so that you can hit the ground running.

Sarah Horton - Case Study

Sarah Horton - Case Study


Joining a Little Movers Franchise has completely changed my life. I have found myself again after becoming a mummy 5 years ago and have found the fire in my belly that makes me, me. I work incredibly hard to help my business grow and after a year of Covid on maternity leave when I felt like I’d lost who I was, I have discovered through hard work and determination, I can be a successful businesswoman and a market leader in my sector. I am unbelievably proud of my first year of business and finally believe I can be a role model for my children and provide them with the life they deserve. I am able to be there for my children when they need me and have a fantastic work/life balance. I am now able to take my children to their own activities after only ever taking them to free Surestart centres and we’re even able to go away abroad this year. The first time in 5 years! Little Movers has given me the freedom to not just be a Mum to my children but also to provide them with exciting experiences in their lives that I was unable to do before and to be proud of myself for my achievements. I’m not just a mum anymore, I’m a successful business owner and a role model to my children. My success is not just mine, it’s for my children and my family.

 After finishing my maternity leave with my second child in September 2020, I was reluctant to back to work 8-6 full time with limited childcare options. I have always had a real passion for play therapy and development play having worked in the childcare sector for over 20 years in varying roles and studying Childhood studies at university. Using play as a tool for therapy in my work in Romania really emphasised how important play, fun and games are for healing, confidence, and education. I began looking at franchises in my area. I wanted a readymade business that I could build and expand on, that gave me support but also something that was exciting and fun. I wanted to love work again. Then I found Little Movers. Primarily a Northeast based franchise there was nothing of the kind in the North West. I loved it from the start! It incorporates everything I am passionate about, dance, play, fun and laughter.

I signed in December 2020. Then lockdown 2 hit, and it meant delaying the opening of my franchise for 3 months. I did not let this deter me and I used this time to my advantage to advertise, market and network with other businesses. I primarily focused on Facebook marketing, targeting mum groups, local advertising groups and local sales,I was determined to succeed!

I networked with other business in my sector, discussing business and the effect of lockdown and reopening. I was completely number driven, constantly checking my bookings and finances. I analysed my figures daily and was never satisfied with the numbers. I had discussions with head office and worked to improve my advertising technique and marketing skills. My aim from the beginning was so sell out my first term. My hard work paid off and my opening classes in April 2021 completely sold out, 150 families across 10 sessions. Due to this demand, I employed a class leader to join me. Just 3 months after signing my contact and 4 weeks before my classes had even began.

 With the knowledge and determination for my business to grow and succeed and we now host 18 classes over 6 days a week with 200 families joining us each week. I believe my business has made an enormous impact within the Warrington community. Little Movers Warrington was one of the first classes in the area to begin face to face classes after lockdown.2. of the same age. 20 of these children are still with me from the very first term.

I have been so successful that due to the demand for Little Movers in the Warrington area I have also purchased a new postcode area, expanding my business

Awards, Achievements and Success

In 2021 I also had the absolute pleasure of receiving the Little Movers New Franchisee of the year award at The Little Movers annual conference. This was an incredible achievement as I was up against lots of new, successful franchisees that had joined during lockdown. I also had the absolute honour of receiving the Little Movers Champion award, voted for by all the franchisees. Each franchise is asked vote for who inspires them and who they believe to be the most successful franchise in the business. The team were in awe of my success and this was an incredible achievement for me competing against well established and highly successful franchises and to receive so many votes from such successful businesswomen after only being in business for 6 months was a huge honour and privilege.

I was a finalist in the Whats on 4 kids awards in London 2022 and a finalist in New Woman Franchisee of the Year 2000 at the EWIF awards!

Joining the Little Movers franchise really has been the most rewarding decision I have ever made. Financially I am able to make decisions for my family I never thought possible and give them the life they deserve. I feel empowered and so incredibly proud of myself and my business and the success I have earned in such a short year. From a lonely mum on maternity leave to a successful businesswomen, a market leader in my area and a well-known figure in my community who inspires and encourages other women into business is more than I could have dreamed

Sam Davidson - Case Study

Sam Davidson - Case Study

From buying my business in March 2017 I have watched the business grow. I now have 350 children a week attending Little Movers classes. I have employed a team of staff and I have bought a second Little Movers franchise.

I am the one taking and picking them up from school, I no longer need to miss out on events such as sports days and special assemblies and I am able to take time off with them during the school holidays. 

As a mother of two and previously a Secondary school Teacher for 13 years I longed for a job that I would be passionate about, that would allow me to be the best I could be in my professional role as well as being flexible enough to allow me to be the best mother I could be to my children. These 3 things alone were a big ask!

With both of my children, I attended Little Movers classes over a 4 year period and by far it was our favourite time of the week. Spending quality time with my children, being active, having fun and making memories to last a life time. I used to attend our classes and wish I was able to find a similar job and enjoy my work as much as the class leader clearly did. When a Little Movers franchise became available I absolutely loved the Little Movers brand and I knew I wanted to be a part of its growth.

My business has given me a new passion for work and I love every aspect of my job from meeting amazing families, creating great working relationships with local businesses, working in partnership with Sunderland’s Children Centres, delivering Early Years PE within Schools, offering community sports alongside Active Sunderland, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and most of all bringing fun and enjoyments to hundreds or children across my area.

From buying my business in March 2017 I have watched the business grow. I now have 350 children a week attending Little Movers classes. I have employed a team of staff and I have nought a second Little Movers franchise.

Starting my business and this journey means I now have a job I absolutely love, that also works around my children. I am the one taking and picking them up from school, I no longer need to miss out on events such as sports days and special assemblies and I am able to take time off with them during the school holidays. All whilst building my business, earning a good living and enjoying every minute of it.

The best decision I ever made was to buy a Little Movers franchise!


Katie Rosedale - Case Study

Katie Rosedale - Case Study

I discovered Little Movers when I started taking my youngest to Baby Movers classes. I loved the ethos of moving, playing and dancing with my baby. I was looking for something more flexible work wise so that I could take my children to school, still be free on the holidays but also manage my time more effectively to suit my family and being my own boss seemed a perfect fit! I spoke to Mel and before I knew it I had purchased not one but two areas and employed member of staff to help me to cover my areas and reach as many families as possible. 

My business has exploded – my classes sell out and my schools ask for more!

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing Little Movers is the package that you get. Everything is there for you, and of course the brand itself. It’s a beautiful product and the lessons are so much fun. They are all well researched and well tried and tested – and there is an abundance of them to keep your families engaged and excited with something new every week of the year. You get a lot of training initially, plus more training offered when you need it or to develop your product further. And Mel is keen to keep our product and brand strong – she observes, she offers advice and she watches over your business with keen interest. She has been a steady rock throughout!

I have found that Little Movers isn’t something I see as work – I absolutely love it.

Our Success

  • The success of Little Movers is our little ones return to classes’ term after term.
  • Our classes have been enjoyed by families for 14 years with families returning child after child!
  • Little Movers Mums enjoy our classes so much they start their own Little Movers business.
  • We work in partnership with Schools Nurseries, Nursing Homes, Children’s Centres, Local Authorities and Community Projects to reach thousands of children every day across the UK!
  • Our classes are SOLD OUT!
  • The Little Movers franchise opportunity enables franchisees to earn a substantial income and have a great work life balance.
  • We are a multi award winning business, awards include Best New Franchisee in the UK.
  • Our classes have been featured on C Beebies
  • We organise festivals enjoyed by thousands of families where we are supported by many trusted brands.
  • Feedback and reputation is always outstanding.
  • We are full members of the Children’s Activity Association who monitor our programme to keep your children safe.

Key Benefits / Costs

High income potential

Credibility and use of the Little Movers brand

Confident you are working with a proven business formula

Exclusive territory

Lifestyle friendly business, run the business either full or part-time

Full training given in all aspects of the business

Central website and other marketing support

Online booking system

Little Movers kit

Lesson plans

Access to Little Movers music

Full merchandise pack

Who are we looking for to join us?


We are looking for fun individuals with drive, the determination to succeed and who enjoy working with children. A positive attitude is the most important thing, as we can train and support you in all other aspects of the business.

The characteristics we are looking for are as follows:

Keen to run your own business – good with people  – able to drive – honest and reliable.

If you’re interested, why not give us a call on 07984 617 162 or fill in the contact form below.

Dance and Play and Keep Fit every day!
Club Hub Awards 2019 - FINALIST
Children's Activities
Club Hub Awards 2019 - FINALIST
Dance and Play and Keep Fit every day!
Club Hub Awards 2019 - FINALIST
Children's Activities

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