Our strongest testimonial is our Little Movers keep coming back for more fun. 

Our contracted work continues to come in and we don’t advertise to childcare providers, they contact us. Our reputation is our advertisement. We continue to grow and have become so successful that we have a bigger team of staff and have recently opened our head office!

“At Little Movers every child is valued, celebrated and allowed their moment to Shine in whatever way that may be!”


Little Movers mum

Little movers is the best session for your little one it’s so much fun and lots of quality interaction with your little one. Mel has a special skill of keeping everyone engaged. I’m yet to find a parent / grandparent who doesn’t love little movers. Well worth the travel every week to see your little ones having so much fun.


Little Movers mum

“Really good fun for the kids and adults.”

“Super Class, my son loved it.”

“Fun for everyone.”

“Built my daughters confidence, she had great fun. Fabulous group.”

“I think the sessions are brilliant, very fun and children encouraged throughout.”

“My child has enjoyed the experience, think it was really good for behaviour and the transition to nursery will make a big difference.”

We love Little Movers because it’s great fun but they learn so much at the same time. I’ve seen my daughter grow in confidence, independence and develop her patience and awareness of others alongside counting, colours the list goes on! It’s a really great class.”


Little Movers mum

“Little Movers provides Freya with a fun way to engage in physical activity through play and dance. The design of the classes and their input have played a significant part in developing her co-ordination, learning and dance skills, dramatically increasing her confidence and her ability to interact with other children and adults.”


Little Movers mum

Little Movers was a huge success in Deckham Children’s Centre. Both Children and their Carers had great fun whilst taking part in physical activity. The programme had excellent benefits for the whole families’ health and well-being. Melanie was superb at stimulating the child’s interests and promoting Healthy lifestyles.”

Courtney Boss

Activity Co-ordinator, Central Area Children’s Centres

As a mother of 3 children I have been to an array of baby, toddler and pre-school groups over the last 5 and a half years. Little movers is the one group that we have stayed with throughout this entire time. Little Movers sets itself apart from other baby groups because it is unique in what it offers.

Melanie has the ability to captivate her audience of both children and parents for the entire class. This is due to the energy and fun that she brings each week but also the talent that she has for engaging with such young children. The children are mesmerised by her, which in turn means that they respect her and want to learn from her. Every week at little movers is different, however in order to keep the children focused there is a lot of familiarity, with key songs and games being used each week. The developmental benefits are huge with speech and language development, number, shape and colour recognition. However, in my opinion what little movers does so well is the preparation for the next step in the child’s development, for example preparation for preschool. This is done through turn taking, separating from caregivers through play and games, singing and performing on their own (if they are comfortable doing this). I have witnessed very shy and timid children flourish through their participation in little movers classes, with them becoming confident in speaking out and performing in front of the rest of the class. This is not something that I have ever witnessed at other groups.

In summary what makes little movers so special is that it is fun and it is such a lovely environment to be in. It is a special time to play, dance and laugh with your children and other families. I recommend Little Movers to everyone I meet who is looking for a baby class with a difference.”


Little Movers mum