Kirsty Day - Business Owner / Class Leader

Hi I am the proud owner of Little Movers Halifax Franchise. I recently finished working part-time at a Nursing Home Specialising in Dementia and it has given me so much experience and taught me so much over the 8 years I’ve been there.
I’m a Mummy of two, one amazing daughter and one beautiful and energetic boy. Finding Little Movers has given me the opportunity to be able to spend so much more family time and will allow me to create more amazing memories.
I’m excited to help develop your children’s confidence. I look forward to you all joining class!
In my younger days I traveled solo to Malta.
I love to be around those I love so it only lasted a month but was a brilliant and beautiful experience. I met a lot of new people who I am still very close to now. There is one lady I ended up spending most of my time with and she would call me her ‘English Teacher’.
I volunteered with charity called Latitude and lived in Ghana Africa for three months.
I was teaching in a rural village about self cleanliness. I managed a football event in our village Abroriano. It was such a challenge but with the help of the team we created such an event that all the villagers absolutely loved.
I lived in the Chief’s house with his sister, where I also participated  in a small film.

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