Meet Cassie Shanks, owner of Little Movers Consett and Stanley

”Hi, my name is Cassie and I am the owner of Little Movers Consett and Stanley.

I have owned my franchise since June 2021. I found out about Little Movers whilst on maternity leave with my youngest daughter Ruby. I had seen an advert pop-up on Facebook and just knew instantly that this would be the perfect job for me.

I had a young baby and I thought of going back to work just filled me with dread, having to leave her and send her to nursery. I have always worked with young children and have a lot of experience throughout the years working from nursery to year six in primary school.

Little Movers has given me the opportunity to spend lots of time with Ruby, while she’s young and also enables me to take my oldest daughter to school and pick her up every single day which is what I missed when working in school.

The thing I love about Little Movers is the fact that every day is different. Each class has a range of babies and children who give so much to the session. I’ve never had a job where I could say that I love Mondays!

Head Office is absolutely amazing and only a phone call away. They are there to support us 100% and we know that they always want the best for us.

I am now on my third term as a Little Movers owner and the parents have been so welcoming and supportive.

I’ve been able to watch the children grow, develop and create new friendships as well as seeing families make new friends along the way.”

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