Why Choose Us?

Develop your child’s love of dance and movement in our fun, high energy classes. All of our events are themed from pirates, Bear Hunt, to the circus and animal adventures to under the sea, or how about Santa suits and snowmen for Christmas.

Children will learn the fundamentals of dance while having the most fun you can pack in to one hour.

Along with introducing children to the fun of dance we also support children’s overall development. Little Mover classes also help children gain:

Self Confidence – Our stage one classes include parents and carers in all of our classes and we then progress gradually to children working and performing on their own. Little Movers perform at the Local Theatres our most recent performance was a great success with children as young as  18 months dancing along the yellow brick road.

Social Skills – through the use of our props we encourage children to share with others and allow time for the group to mix freely. We also provide fruit at the end of most of the classes to allow children to sit together in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Have fun – We know that time with children is precious and our classes are specially developed to make sure that children have fun with their parents or carers and there is always time at the end of the session to cool down and have a hug before we finish.

Keep fit – We are official supporters of the governments Change 4 Life programme and understand the importance of giving children a foundation for a healthy and happy life. All our classes are high energy and are the most fun a child can have when exercising.

It is important that everyone is comfortable and ready to move at our classes, so children should come in clothes that allow them to move freely. Why not treat your child to one of out Little Movers t-shirts, available from our online shop or direct at our classes.


Our strongest testimonial is our Little Movers keep coming back for more fun. They progress to join our sister company Snapdragon Arts which provides Dance, Singing and Drama!

Our contracted work continues to come in and we don’t advertise to childcare providers, they contact us. Our reputation is our advertisement. We continue to grow and have become so successful that we have a bigger team of staff and have recently opened our head office!

“Little Movers have worked with the children and families at Argyle Estate since autumn 2009 and have encouraged a healthy activity which has been so much fun. The versatile approach of Little Movers has been an inspiration to all of the families and children involved. They have extended their work across many areas, in and around Gateshead, in deprived areas which has enabled many families to enjoy exercise, play and learning to music in a safe friendly environment. The vibrant enthusiasm has rubbed off on everyone and has drawn in extended funding from many different sources.”

Evelyn Brown

Neighbourhood Management Team, Gateshead Council

“Really good fun for the kids and adults.”

“Super Class, my son loved it.”

“Fun for everyone.”

“I think the sessions are brilliant, very fun and children encouraged throughout.”

“My child has enjoyed the experience, think it was really good for behaviour and the transition to nursery will make a big difference.”

“Little Movers provides Freya with a fun way to engage in physical activity through play and dance. The design of the classes and their input have played a significant part in developing her co-ordination, learning and dance skills, dramatically increasing her confidence and her ability to interact with other children and adults.”


Little Movers mum

“Built my daughters confidence, she had great fun. Fabulous group.”

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